Lazy Cat with Sofa is the 2020 Quarantine Toy of the Year

Has quarantine got you down or kept you…well…on the couch? Then we are voting this “Lazy Cat with Sofa” as the 2020 Quarantine Toy of the Year. Who cares if the year isn’t even over? Who knows if this will get better? Sure, many people have been struggling with fear over not contracting on spreading COVID-19. And yes, many people who exercise regularly have been suffering with depression over not getting to work out. And yeah, other people don’t know how to keep their children educated or busy. But for the smug introvert binge watching Disney+ and indulging in snacks laughing at anyone who dares utter a sound that even mildly reflects a complaint at the situation…this toy is for you!

It comes in a variety of colors so you can have any smug lazy cat that suits your fancy.

This figure by JXK Studio costs $53 and will be released September 2020.

Official Description:

This supremely lazy cat, a pretty ginger with white markings wearing a collar with a bell on it, is doing what cats do best — relax on a soft cushy chair! The cat is made of resin, while the chair is softly stuffed and squishable into any number of cat-pleasing configurations. Give your 1/6-scale dolls and figures the pet they deserve, and order today!


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