Valaverse Action Force Kickstarter Figures has Sgt. Slaughter

Action Force is a very successful Kickstarter of six inch tall action figures made by Valaverse. That means they are in scale with the current G.I.Joe Classified figures and they got the Sarge, SGT Slaughter that is. Action Force has multiple good and bad guys you can add to your 6 inch armies. Each figure is about $32.00 and bigger sets they get a little cheaper and have lots of add-ons for weapons and such that you might want for your Joes as well…hint hint. There is a lot to consider when adding your items and figures however the site lets you look at everything as you go along the process.


It is a little different than normal grab a guy and check out. This is a Kickstarter add on site. You have to pick a package and add to that with drop downs and add ons. Once you decide how many to buy, grab that choice and then you can add who you want to the quantity. This is very normal for a Kickstarter type crowd funded products. Figures don’t ship out till march of 2021 so relax and chose wisely. All add on figure sales go towards more expansions and products so keep checking in to see what the add next. I ordered the Sarge and some extra guns. What will you you get?



Introducing ACTION FORCE ™! The next era of premium action figures by Valaverse.  This all new 6″ (1:12 scale) military based figure line features high quality articulation, deco, accessories, and an ACTION FORCE™ display stand.  The ACTION FORCE™ line introduces unique characters as well as troop building options.  With years of award winning experience in the toy industry, Valaverse™ has devoted the utmost effort in creating a much needed offering in the 1:12 scale figure world.

ACTION FORCE completed its successful Kickstarter campaign with the project reaching 130% of its funding goal.  For those of you that missed the opportunity to pledge on the Kickstarter, you will now be able to place pre-orders so you don’t miss out the second time around.  You will not have access to the same early bird pricing as the Kickstarter, but you will have access to the majority of the items available.  The Kickstarter exclusive Steel Brigade Commander head will not be available for the CrowdOx pre-orders.

As additional funds come in through CrowdOx, they will go toward the Kickstarter goal and stretch goals will be eligible to be unlocked.  Keep your eye out for more figures and accessories to get added in for pre-order.

You can get in on the Crowd Funding now.

Crowd Ox Link 

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