Power Rangers Lightning Collection Psycho Ranger Team First Look

Today on the magical Information Super Highway known as the Internet, Power Rangers fans were treated to a first look glimpse (leak?) of the Power Rangers Lightning Collection Psycho Rangers team by Hasbro.


When it was revealed that the full team was coming, we here at Toy Wizards wrote up a fantastic article about it. But now, the rumor is not only confirmed, but we are treated to an image of the actual full team toys. In the picture, they look small, but these are nearly without a doubt full scale 6 inch, highly articulated figures. Energy blasts, effects, and weapons are included with all of these figures. The only one missing is Psycho Green, who is that elusive sixth that often joins Power Rangers teams. He will be his own stand alone figure, which was announced already.

This five pack was likely going to be a convention exclusive or one of the convention items that Hasbro is taking on tour. We are not sure if it is for the domestic or international market, but Toy Wizards will continue to report new details as we get them.

In the meantime, BigBadToyStore is restocking its Lord Drakkon Lightning Collection figures and its Mighty Morphin’ Yellow Ranger (Trini) action figures, so if you missed those the first time, you have a second chance to scoop them now.


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