G.I.Joe Classified Series Leaks P.D. Destro, Gung Ho, & Red Ninja

Today via Twitter leak, G.I. Joe fans were treated to several images that we are sure from today’s upcoming Hasbro Live stream event. Here we see several figures we already knew were coming and one very big surprise.

Gunho 07

Gung Ho: We knew he was on his way. I put money on this bet. It was a sure thing with his art on the back of every box.



Cobra Commander: This was also another given as well, brought to public attention further after we all already went through the pain of NTWRKs drop fiasco. This is the dark blue and black straps Cobra Commander as a general release. We are hoping the live stream will bring to light more details on the light blue golden straps comic version.


red ninja

Red Ninja is an updated modern version of the Red ninjas we have seen in the past and looks ready for battle. It is interesting they gave us this army builder first. I have to assume that the upcoming Snake Eyes movie will have a lot of Red Ninjas and everything will fall into place. The finale here is really really amazing.


PDD 15

Profit Director Destro: This is a slam dunk. This has got to be another lost SDCC item, for sure. Destro is no long Pimp Daddy Destro and that is a good change. The new moniker is much more fitting with the 1980s deco going for it on the box. I am sure we will get more info soon on these great new additions to the G.I. Joe team and Toy Wizards will update the moment we have new details or preordering information.



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