G.I. Joe Classified Series are Unclassified at Target

Some Target spies have let loose new listings for G.I. Joe Classified Figures. These files come straight from Target’s computer and many Bothans have died to bring us this information. Sorry– wrong universe there. I want to say these would be Wave 3 figures, but we’ve become all mixed up and don’t know what they are doing at Hasbro with G.I. Joe right now.

G.I. Joe Classified Series – $19.99 – Fall 2020 at Target



Lady Jay






Major Bludd


Word around the playground has been the same for everyone: Where the he;ll is The Baroness, right? Fans are very much waiting for this figure. Meanwhile, the new G.I.JOE website has launched and it does give us lots of sneak peeks into what we might get next is the world of Joes. I am assuming all the characters on the site right now will come out with this new series.


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