Bandai Opens Preorders on Sailor Moon S.H. Figuarts “Animation Color Edition”

There has been no shortage of Sailor Moon toys in Bandai’s Figuarts line. From the super fancy Zero line, to anime style and Sailor Moon Crystal figures, we’ve seen coming out.

I’ll speak for myself though– it never occurred to me that we’ve never seen any specifically dedicated to the anime! I figured that Bandai knew what they were doing and that all of the colors and faces were a little wonky on purpose!

Definitely looking at you, Sailor Moon Crystal figures.

Coming out October 2020, we are getting anime-accurate S.H. Figuarts figures based on the inner senshi:

You can click on their respective names for preorder information. Each costs $55.99, which is the lower end of average for an S.H. Figuarts.

Official Description:

From Bandai Tamashii Nations comes the Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Animation Color Edition SH Figuarts Action Figures! Featuring coloration based on their appearances of the 1990s anime series, it showcases the Sailors and their cute actions with all the accuracy to detail and posability fans have come to expect from SH Figuarts. The figure includes 3x optional expression parts, 5x left and 4x right hands, optional bangs parts, 2x types of Supercomputer (Open/Closed), and stand. Measures about 5 1/2-inches tall.

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