First Look: The Corps Star Troopers By Lanard

The ultimate space battle begins! the star troopers have paved the way for the future of the galaxies and beyond. From interplanetary missions of science to other worldly expeditions. The star troopers continue to pursue and explore the reaches of the galaxy and beyond, but not without opposition! Encountering a frightful race of space- bugs from a distant distress call, the troopers set off on a rescue mission to rid the galaxy of the infectious plague of evil creatures who threaten the very fabric of life. Join the quest Today to unravel the mysteries of the universe and fight for a better Tomorrow!

Your Official First look at 1 of the Enemies of the new Star Troopers line.

*Trooper Figure Color/Style may vary as several improvements and changes were implemented in the coming assortment.

Thank you TheCorpsTimeCrisis on Facebook for this heads up!



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