Mezco Toyz announces MDS Mega Scale Talking Beetlejuice

For $98, I would expect a Beetlejuice toy that isn’t ugly and has the correct green hair color, but what do I know about toys, right?

Seriously, we’re showing this off for you. You the fan, who on the off chance is in love with Mezco Toyz’s Mega Scale Talking dolls, or any of their deformed, unattractive pieces that upsettingly tap into franchises you love and give you…well….that.

I think that in order to sell this figure to new fans, Mezco could at least give us a video of the doll talking. If they are legally allowed to use Michael Keaton’s voice, it would be at least a little bit exciting.

With hopes, perhaps there will be a One:12 Collective Beetlejuice on the way that is more screen accurate since they already have the license.

Me personally, I don’t own a single Mezco yet. Every time I’m on the edge, NECA releases a comparable toy at a fraction of the cost. I’m still on the fence about One:12 Pennywise, so I should bite the bullet before it’s out of stock forever.

So, back to Talking Scale Beetlejuice. It exists. If it’s your bag, buy it.

Toy Journalism isn’t always neutral. Sometimes, the “no thank you, not for me” comes out to play.

Mezco Toyz’s MDS Mega Scale Talking Beetlejuice costs $98 and can be preordered today. It will ship October-December 2020.

Official Description:

“You’re working with a professional here!”
Beetlejuice is back and this time, he has a lot to say.
Depress the button discretely hidden on Beetlejuice’s back to hear the obnoxious apparition speak a total of 7 phrases including “I’m the ghost with the most” and “You gotta say my name three times”.
The MDS Mega Scale Talking Beetlejuice is dressed to kill in his iconic striped suit and sandworm stompin’ boots. He parades his unkempt, grisly green hair and flashes a yellow-toothed smile.
The MDS Mega Scale Talking Beetlejuice stands approximately 15″ tall and features 11 points of articulation. He is packaged in a collector friendly window box, perfect for display.

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