Glyos Battle Tribes Wave 22 Drop June 12th

Battle Tribes is dropping Wave 22 on June 12th at 6pm PST. This means there will be some Glyos figures you can actually buy online! This wave has a martial arts Ninja vibe of a bloody combat video game if you know what I am talking about. There is four figures in this assortment. Cold Ninja “totally not Sub Zero”, Ice Cold Ninja “totally not colder Sub Zero”, Azure Ninja aka video game Ninja Gaiden, and “come over here” Vengeful Ninja.

I don’t even have to say who this totally isn’t.

These figures come with a assortment of weapons and swappable parts. This allows you to make all types of great combinations with this line and any other Glyos toys.

They will typically sell out, but not nearly as bad as some of the other Glyos lines. Don’t wait too long of course, but you have more than three and a half minutes to get your order in.

Gylos Battle Tribes Wave 22 Drop June 12th 6pm PST

What can you make with this wave? Well here is Matt Stein Mixing some parts from the Azure and Vengeful Ninja. Hot Damn I need to do that as well thanks Matt.


Battle Tribes Wave 22 All In Bundle

This bundle includes all 4 figures in Battle Tribes Wave 22

Azure Ninja x 1
Vengeful Ninja x 1
Cold Ninja x 1
Ice Clone x 1

Each 3″ Battle Tribes Action Figure is injection molded in durable PVC plastic and is fully interchangeable with all Glyos System action figures.

Bundle Buy Link 


BT Azure Ninja $16

Azure Ninja Buy Link 

BT Vengeful Ninja $16

Vengeful Ninja Buy Link 

BT Cold Ninja $16

Cold Ninja Buy Link 

BT Ice Clone Battle Builder $10

Ice Clone Ninja Buy Link 

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