Amazo Toys is Making U.S. Presidents and Military Heroes Action Figures

Amazo and D13 are creating action figures based on U.S. Presidents and Military Heroes action figures. And who said toys and politics can’t mix? The company’s Kickstarter campaign is live right now through July 5th, and we thought it was worth sharing!

Check it out right here and consider backing if these are items you want to see get made!


Official Description:

The American Presidents Action Figure Collection, featuring a tribute to our former U.S. Presidents & other American Heroes, tells the history of America through the individuals who have shaped its culture.

Unique and compelling, the American Presidents Action Figure Collection are a stunning representation of our Nation’s leaders, visionaries, service men, entertainers and activists whose lives tell the American story.  Each 4” American Heroes Action Figure has over 14 points of articulation and interchangeable heads & accessories.

Begin your own collection, or share the joy American history by giving these unique action figures to your children, grand-children, friends, historians, teachers, active military service members, and veterans!

As a bonus we’ve added some stretch goals to this campaign. If we exceed our funding goal of $60K we’ll unlock the following figures when we hit the amount below and you can add even more American Heroes figures to your collection.








About Amazo:

AMAZO and D13 Toys have over 15 years in the toy business in a variety of roles, including designers, sculptors, engineers, and project and production managers for both NECA and The Four Horsemen. In addition, D13 Toys has been instrumental in realigning several existing projects experiencing trouble during production, as well as providing valuable direction and support to new projects such as Plunderlings and Tecco Toys.

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