Banpresto Sailor Moon Eternal Fluffy Puffy Luna, Artemis, and Diana Toys

Three new crane game prizes are hitting Japan this fall, adding to the line up of goodies for the upcoming Sailor Moon Eternal movie (Release date September 1 2020). We have Luna on her own, and Artemis and Diana packed together all as prizes.


These new Fluffy Puffy toys are about 7cm and tap into the fuzzy flocked toy craze from yesteryear– meaning many animal companion toys, from He-Man’s Battle Cat to all of those horses that 80s heroines used to ride, were fuzzy.

As a longtime Sailor Moon lover, I’m surprised to see that Luna’s eyes are blue. The anime always had them as this sort of reddish-brown-auburn color, an aesthetic that carried over to Sailor Moon Crystal as well. Human Luna from the Sailor Moon S movie had blue eyes, so perhaps that’s what the designers are tapping into, but for me, the blue eyes are jarringly noticeable.

These figures will hit crane games in Japan October 2020. Toy Wizards will update if US preordering information becomes available.

Source: Official Sailor Moon website


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One comment

  1. Luna’s Eyes were always supposed to be Blue like Usagi’s but were represented in the 90s Anime based on early Art by Naoko.

    If you Notice, Artemis also has Green Eyes instead of the Blue ones he has in the 90s Anime.
    It seems these Toys are based off of the Original intended Colors.


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