Bandai Creates Lifesized ‘Cup Noodle’ Model Kit (and its too wholesome for this world)

It is rare when a toy is so wholesome, so pure, that it literally evokes tears of joy from said moved emotions.

Because I’m seriously over here losing my mind.

In a time of political and social strife, this Cup Noodle model kit from Bandai is exactly what everyone in the universe needs. Take some quiet time and construct a 1:1 scale, totally life sized model kit of a Cup Noodle soup! 

There are things that hit you right in the childhood for good reasons, and some that hit you in the childhood for other reasons.

I’m dying. I’m laughing. I’m crying. I can’t deal.

You can order Bandai’s Cup Noodle Model Kit for $18.31 today and it will ship September 2020.

And yes, you better believe I preordered it before even publishing this article.

Official Description:

Here’s one Cup Noodle that won’t be ready in just three minutes! Bandai subjected a real Cup Noodle to 3D scanning to realistically reproduce the dense, intricate noodle mass inside that familiar styrofoam cup, and the egg bits, shrimp and “mysterious meat” (yes, that’s what Bandai calls it!) were also 3D scanned and are precisely designed as individual parts. The green onion flakes are cut out of vinyl material, and you can add them as you like. The Cup Noodle logo and designs on the cup are separated by color for a multi-layered structure and an incredibly accurate appearance. The molded-in caution notes, ingredient notes, allergy notes, and preparation instructions are all there, too. A sticker for recreating the lid is also included, and it can be attached and removed as you like; a lid stop sticker is also included. Assemble and display this iconic piece of Japanese culture with pride.

[Set Contents]:

  • Runner (x14)
  • Lid seal
  • Kainasu seal
  • Vinyl material for green onions
  • Instructions


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