What is Next in Line for McFarlane Toys

Fans want to know– what is next for McFarlane Toys? They have come out out swinging and so far the products have been very good. There will always be some quality issues; that is manufacturing in China. A character will get an eye tempo off and a fan will declare that the whole line sucks. From my observation and opinion, they always look good and the paint is spot on.  Every time I open the toys, they have good joints, paint and articulation. Plus, the price point still remains under Marvel Legends… most of the time.

The following is a non-comprehensive list of what we know (and speculate) is coming from McFarlane Toys in the not-too-distant-future. There is a lot of excitement on these new lines and the great work McFarlane Toys has done.

DC Universe 2 Packs

DC Multiverse Collector Multipack – Nightwing VS Red Hood

Unknown what versions we will see but both have many great costumes to chose from. This looks to be a very nice two pack with such very popular Bat Family members. With a Blue Nightwing has already been made and now it’s a perfect time for a Red Nightwing.

DC Multiverse Collector Multipack – Arkham Asylum Batman VS Arkham Asylum Joker

As they already made both it might just be a repack or we could see the more battle worn versions of both. I personally want the later as shown here.


DC Multiverse Collector Multipack – Earth – 52 Batman VS Flash

There was a great fight on Earth – 52 with these guys. It would be nice to see an alternate Batman. The Flash could totally be recarded for another wave as Modern Flash.

Dark Knights Metal Series


Can’t have a DC line without a Batman.


Infected Superman

Yeah, not the best Superman and with all of the other figures they could have chosen this, is an interesting choice.


Joker Robin

There is a bunch of Joker Robins my money is on Damian Wayne Earth-22.


Hawkman Who Laughs

Evil Hawkman– Enough said here.



BAF – Batman the Merciless”

Interesting– this wave has a Build A Figure and that is of the Dark Metal Knight Batman the Merciless; no relation to Ming the Merciless.


McFarlane Multiverse Line Release November

Arkham Knight Batman

Shiny Batman: McFarlane could reuse most of the already made Arkham Batman with some new deco.


Arkham Knight Deathstroke

More Arkham Knight Line action figures this is a slam dunk must buy.


Curse of the White Knight Batman ” Azrael Batman Armor”

Fourth figure from the White Knight line.


Flash “Modern”

Current Flash, looks like it might be a repack from the Earth 52 set.


Joker “Modern”

Modern Joker is a question as there are three of them now roaming Gotham.




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