GameStop Flash Sale Offers 75% Exclusive Collectibles (Including Power Rangers)

GameStop is crazy like that ex you some times think about then remember ‘oh yeah that’s why I we broke up’. Every so often they get this wild hair up their ass to mark down their best sellers and exclusives to just about nothing. (Ironically, it costs costs more than they would buy it back from you).

Right now they have super low prices on some great stuff, the stuff you want to buy from GameStop at full price but refuse to. This won’t last, so stop reading this incredibly well written article and get toy buying now!

Note: If you spend $35.00 or more you will get free shipping. Some toys are $5.00, so you just buy one more toy to go over that limit and then if you think about it, that toy is free because of the money you would have spent on shipping.


What deals are you missing out on ? Stuff like this!

Why are you still reading this, go now?!


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