E3 2020 Exclusive Funko Pop! Bundle Available at GameStop

E3 might be (lamentably) cancelled due to the virus and the world’s current state of affairs. But these Exclusives exist and they are being unleashed into the wild!

3670840-e3 2020 funkos

Funko fans have the opportunity to purchase the entire bundle of five Funko Pop! figures directly from GameStop. This bundle includes:

  • POP! Games: Fortnite: Skull Trooper
  • POP! Games: 2020 E3 – Diablo Tyrael
  • POP! Games: Elder Scrolls – Sheogorath w/Wabbajack
  • POP! Games: Borderlands – Jack
  • POP! Games: Witcher 3 – 6-inch Leshen

All of these 3.75 inch Pop!s snagged up together cost $66.99 and can be purchased today from GameStop. They were released May 26th 2020.


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