‘A Toy Store Near You’ Streaming DocuSeries Premieres 5/29 to Help Independent Stores Affected by COVID-19


Brian Volk-Weiss, the man behind the Netflix series “The Toys That Made Us” is putting together the docuseries “A Toy Store Near You” that’s designed to help independent toy stores across the country and around the world.

When local toy stores began closing due to the COVID-19 quarantine, Volk-Weiss took it upon himself to raise money and awareness of this issue. It would only be a matter of time before the domino effect began to spiral and small toy stores (which already had trouble pre-pandemic) would not be able to keep their doors open.

Not doing anything in half measures, that kernel of inspiration became a full DocuSeries. 50 independent toy stores will be highlighted and featured and starting today (5/29/20), A Toy Store Near You is available to view through Amazon Prime, YouTube and other content destinations. New episodes will be released when they are ready, and not as a full season dump. The reason for this, according to reports, is because the proceeds from the show will be donated back to each respective featured shop (as financial aid) in order to help the business resurface post COVID-19 quarantine shutter.

Since Volk-Weiss had already worked with so many store owners during his time making The Toys That Made Us, it wasn’t difficult to quickly think up 50 stores that needed help and could be show subjects in A Toy Store Near You. 

“This isn’t just a bunch of people in toy stores talking about toys,” Volk-Weiss saysin a report on KGET. “What we always try to do is find the emotion. I have been asked for a long time to do a story about toy stores and I never wanted to do that. Ironically, even though I go to toy stores two to four times a week, I find them kind of boring. So I didn’t know how to do that as a show. You should be able to relate to this – even though it’s about toys – because it is a human story about disaster being COVID. So that’s what said to me that this was the right time to do this.”


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