Onell Design Glyos Wave 87 Dropped and Gone

Trying to keep up on Glyos Drops is a game of confusion. I love the toy system and I love the ability to combine parts from one line to another. However, trying to buy the darn things is futile. I had to double check several times where this drop was when and what I wanted. By the time I got to the very cool robots I wanted, they gone. I have even heard of full waves disappearing as soon as they go live. This drop was announced the same day it came out, and a couple hours later most of it is already gone. So here is what you missed, and you can see what is available as of this writing.

Wave 87

Armorvor Gorellux Cerrek Commando
Traveler Akllos Cerreck Commando
Gendrone Mineon Cerrek Commando
Crayboth Cerrek Commando
Glyan Cerrek Commando
Sincrodrone Zeta
Sincrodrone Epsilon
Sincrodrone Delta
Glyan Hyper Pyros Glyatron
Hyper Pyros Pheyden

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