Blitzway Shows Off Mega Hero Series: Inspector Gadget: Action Figure DX Complete Set

You know that feeling when you’re on one of your favorite toy websites, scrolling around for new items, you see an Inspector Gadget action figure set seemingly out of nowhere, and you suddenly want to cry?!

Yeah…that’s literally the sensation I just experienced.

Japan is making Inspector Gadget figures.

Holy mother of all that is…WHAT?!


I am experiencing something very severe emotions looking at these toys. As a person born in 1985, I absolutely adore Inspector Gadget. I love most DIC shows from the early-mid 80s. I love that storytelling charm, budget animation, the portions that were animated in Japan (those were some mean opening animation sequences) and of course, Shuky Levi and Haim Saban’s unforgettable music. I am so dedicated to the (fan made head canon) lore of Inspector Gadget that I even wrote up this fan theory in 2018. (Which I thought was super original at the time, but now realize it is popular fan speculation).

Back to the toys!

This incredible set from Blitzway will ship December, 2020. It costs $189.99, but I think I need to order it anyway because there will never be another Inspector Gadget like this ever again, let alone one this beautiful. The four pack includes Gadget, Quimby, Penny, Brain, a standing platform, and some sound effects pieces to display behind them.


Unfortunately, there are a few uncertainties with this set that just aren’t on the listing, such as size. At 1/12 scale, we can guess these are about 4-5 inches (confirmed 17cm=6.6 inches for Gadget!). It looks like at one point, these characters may have been sold separately. The promo images on the separate images show that each character comes with a really nicely sized lot of accessories, changeable faces, and extra hands. If packaged like the originals, we will get Gadget in one box, Quimby in one, and Penny/Brain packaged together. It’s not fully clear and confirmed if this is the case but we don’t have much else to go by. I’m curious how to sound effects will arrive, too.

Ugh, how much do we all want sombrero Brain, right?!


Thousands of high-tech gadgets protruding from his outstretched fingertips and extending arms and legs. Inspector Gadget who has a body full of amazingly interesting tools but always solves every case whimsically. Brain, the incredibly intelligent puppy who helps him solve the case, and Penny, his adorable niece. Along with the hilarious Chief Quimby who always pops out of unexpected places and delivers secret orders.

These wonderful action figures which recreate amazing special abilities from the famous animation brings back the heroes of your childhood who linger in your memory. Inspector Gadget’s special abilities are expertly recreated with several interchangeable parts. A number of Penny and Brain’s parts can be replaced to recreate memorable scenes from the animation. Also, the deluxe version contains the connectable bases with each character and special speech bubble effects to create more dramatic and entertaining scenes in the play.

Product Features

  • ​Inspector Gadget
    • 6.7 inches (17cm)
    • Made of plastic
    • Multiple facial expressions
  • Chief Quimby
    • 5.2 inches (13.2cm)
    • Made of plastic
    • Features garbage can accessory
  • Penny
    • 4.3 inches (10.92cm)
    • Made of plastic
    • Features book accessories
  • Brain
    • 4.6 inches (11.68cm)
    • Made of plastic
    • Features diguise accessories

Box Contents

  • ​Inspector Gadget figure
    • 2 Face plates
    • 3 Hats
    • 3 Sets of eyes
    • 7 Interchangable hands
    • Gadget ‘Brella
    • Gradget ‘Copter
    • Gadget skates
    • Gadget springs
    • 4 Gadget arms
    • Gadget neck
    • Pair of Gadget mechanical arms
    • Flashlight
    • Badge
    • Magnifying glass
    • Word bubbles
    • Base
  • Quimby figure
    • Trash can
    • 2 Sets of arms
    • Mission paper
    • Word bubble
    • Base
  • Penny figure
    • 3 Interchagable arms
    • 2 Face plates
    • 2 Books
    • Word bubble
    • Base
  • Brain figure
    • Hat
    • Poncho
    • Nose and mustache
    • Base


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