Magic Square Toys are Shipping Sound Wall and Voice Ripple Figures after COVID Related Production Delays

After a long drought of production due to factory closures, Magic Square Toys is ready to release not one, but two versions of their MS-B27 mold. This familiar robot to tape deck comes in classic blue with two cassette bots and reincarnated black color scheme with one cassette condor. Both toys are expected to ship this month as they are arriving to retailers right now.

New photos of both of Magic Square Toys new legends scaled Soundblaster and Soundwave have also been revealed. I just got charged for Soundwave this morning, so I know he will be here soon. There will be a cassette 4 pack with the remaining tapes coming soon. This has not been 100% confirmed by Magic Square Toys.

These figures stand about 11cm tall (4.3 inches), which makes those cassettes tiny. You can preorder your own from TF Source or wherever you buy 3rd party figures.

Sound Wall costs $39.99 and can be purchased here.

Voice Ripple costs $44.99 and can be purchased here.


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