Toy Wizards Review: Star Wars x Barbie Rey Doll

Toy WIzards would like to thank Entertainment Earth for providing us a sample copy of the Star Wars x Barbie Rey doll to review. You can get your own for $99.99 and she will ship in July 2020.

Official Description:

Barbie journeys to a galaxy far, far, away! This highly collectible Star Wars x Barbie Rey Doll takes design inspiration from Rey’s legendary look to capture her adventurous spirit in a runway-ready silhouette. She wears a crystal pleated chiffon gown with a crossover neckline and draped hood influenced by Rey’s gauzy crosspiece. A slit reveals ombre boot-leggings in gold-and-copper hues, while accessories with a hammered-gold look complete her heroic ensemble. The Gold Label Star Wars x Barbie Rey Doll is an excellent addition to any collection and makes a terrific gift for both Star Wars and Barbie fans. She comes with a Star Wars doll stand and a certificate of authenticity, ready to assume her rightful place in your galaxy!

Drawn into a galaxy-wide conflict between the First Order and the Resistance, the mysterious power of the Force sets Rey on the path to discover her destiny in a time when the Jedi Order is virtually extinct.

The Star Wars x Barbie collection, inspired by the films’ original concept art, reimagines iconic Star Wars characters through a distinctive Barbie high-fashion filter.

What does a $100 Barbie doll look like? This was the biggest question I had going into this experiment. Wearing my best white and brown Star Wars inspired garb, brown belt included, I opened the box to peek inside.

It’s clear that a lot of what Mattel paid for here is the Star Wars license, which in all seriousness, cannot be cheap. The clothing on this doll is amazing. The way the fabric falls and the little belt cinches at Rey Barbie’s waist is breathtaking. It is no easy feat to style the hair that way either, and I thought it was amusing that the falling, twisted tresses of her hair are actually affixed to the dress.

As far as materials, this doll is hollow plastic, like any other Barbie doll. Her building materials nor accessory materials are any different that a standard $5-$20 Barbie you’d find on the store selves. It’s really in the details of the clothes, jewelry, box, concept art, and design that you really see what you’re paying for here. But what you’re paying for is really, really nice! Imagine getting to have all of the dolls in this series in your display room. Rey is part of Wave 2, which includes C3PO and Storm Trooper Barbie. Wave 1 had Princess Leia, R2D2, and Darth Vader Barbies in it, which were all so incredibly strong.

The Star Wars x Barbie Rey doll stands about 12 inches and comes with a Star Wars branded stand for her to be display on.

My one piece of criticism here is that Rey Barbie does not come with any weapons. Yes, I understand that she is a Fashion Doll, basically dressing up as Rey. This isn’t Rey the Barbie doll. Rey the Barbie doll would have weapons and accessories. Barbie dressed as Rey does not– she has gold arm and wrist bands, beautifully styled hair, amazing boot leggings that is gradient in tone, and a fantastic earring. I’m of the opinion that these two worlds can co-mingle. But not everyone is like that. So I accept this beautiful doll just the way she is and I’m proud to have her in my glass case.

I give the Star Wars x Barbie Rey Doll 5/5 stars. She is breathtaking and I am elated to have her with me.


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