Marvel Legends House Of X & Powers Of X Build a Figure Teased

Hasbro’s Fan Friday live stream gave us some new info on upcoming action figure releases. Some of that exciting news is that there will be the House Of X and Powers Of X lines of X-men Figures coming. On top of that, there will be a gigantic Build A Figure as well. Bigger than anything they have already done. It will be bigger than Fing Fang Foom, Sentinel, and Galactus. At the very end of the video, they let something big slip.

This is part of one leg. A very, very big leg– look at those gams.

We are assuming that this is the gigantic Build A Figure mentioned in the live stream. If that is so and it is the BAF of the new House Of X and Powers Of X line this would be Mother Mold. That is a really big Sentinel that makes Master Molds that in turn make Sentinels. A Sentinels maker that could spell doom for the X-men and all Mutants. If it is Mother Mold or Master Mold we don’t know yet it is bigger than a Sentinel and that is bad for our heroes.


Screen Shot 2020-05-22 at 9.49.40 AM


In other X-men hunting baddies news. They shown off the Nimrod Build a Figure as well that will come with Two heads, Wings and multiple mutant killing hands. The new head shown off today is the vintage Nimrod head compared to the modern head already shown off. This is a nice touch as I am a fan of the vintage Nimrod and will try hard to get that Build a Figure just for the vintage look.


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