Jada Toys Reveals New G.I. Joe Nano Metal Figs Packaging and Artwork

Source: Hisstank

Last month, we announced that our friends over at Jada Toys were getting ready to release a brand-new G.I. Joe Nano Metalfig 5-pack. This toy line is absolutely incredible. We discussed these figures in length when we checked out and reviewed Jada Toys’ Power Rangers Nano Metalfigs (20 of them for only $25!) and we can’t wait for some of this love to be applied to the G.I. Joe license! These die-cast figures (about 1.5-2 inches) are perfectly painted and sculpted, and at this size you can either display them or replace some junky game pawns from other games with them.

The G.I. Joe Nano Metalfig set is due to come out August, 2020.



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