Creative Comics and Collectibles Vikings vs Barbarians Action Figures Kickstarter Launching Today


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Follow the pre launch page to learn more about this project: 

According to Creative Comics and Collectibles, Vikings Vs Barbarians is a collectible, Poseable 6″ scale action figure Battle between Vikings and Barbarians. There will be different characters with unique designs and weapons/accessories/extra parts allowing for team building and battle scenarios. This is our relaunch and we now have the fully painted test shots showing the great look of these figures and that we are ready upon full funding to get these figures into backers hands.

From Creative Comics and Collectibles Official campaign:

**FOLLOW THE PRELAUNCH PAGE ON KICKSTARTER TO BE NOTIFIED OF THE LAUNCH IN A FEW WEEKS AND ONE OF THE FIRST 100 BACKERS AND GET A FREE EXTRA WEAPON!!!** REWARDS Poster of Viking and Barbarian in battle $10 Basic weapons pack $15 small axe, large axe, sword, wooden shield, metal shield and bladed pike. Standard Viking Action Figure $30 with small axe, large axe and 2 sets hands.

(First 100 backers for Deluxe Viking figure get a FREE large metal shield) Standard Barbarian Action Figure $30 with sword, wooden shield and 2 sets hands (First 100 backers for Deluxe Barbarian figure get a FREE bladed pike weapon) (First 100 backers for Deluxe Viking and Barbarian set get FREE both large metal shield and bladed pike.)

We will be starting with 2 figures, the main Viking Male and the main Barbarian Male. A basic weapons pack and Viking vs Barbarian fighting art poster. We will then be producing a grand weapons pack our first stretch goal, a female Viking and Barbarian and Comic Book *images coming after reaching 1st stretch goal. Also if your already ordering from BigBadToyStore please feel free to pre order them there with your other items. *Only the first 100 backer offers apply to direct pledges on the kickstarter*


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