Takara Tomy Reveals Transformers Masterpiece MP-51 Arcee

In the Transformers world Arcee is legendary….at not getting an action figure. Girls toys, according to marketing geniuses, apparently don’t sell and girl robot toys are even more off the grid. In 1986 we where gifted a Girl Transformer and a bunch of new toys from the movie, except one– Arcee. This was a travesty for many years. In fact she didn’t even get a toy until 2001 Botcon and even then she was a repaint of Blackarachnia.

Today, fandom since has had a bunch of Arcees but no official versions that really held up to the Animated movies likeness. Shown off at Wonderfest Japan this year, we got to really see the new MP-51 Arcee. This version shows off what we wanted to see a official Masterpiece scale movie accurate Arcee. They are really working on the Transformers Movie MP Scale series and we could not love it more– at least until they get to Wheelie.

Nobody wants that trash.

Masterpiece Arcee costs $149.99, ships December 2020, and can be preordered today.

Canadian Readers: You can order Masterpiece Arcee locally from Ages 3 and Up! She costs $214.95 CAD and can be preordered today.


Product Description

In the Transformers Masterpiece series, Arcee, a female-type cybertron member appearing in “Transformers: Animated” and also being active in subsequent anime and movies, is finally here!

MP-51 Arcee thoroughly brings out the styling of Arcee that appeared in “Transformers: Animated”. In robot mode, the backpack is made as compact as possible to reproduce the attractive styling of Arcee in the animation. Arcee in vehicle mode shows off a futuristic car type vehicle with a beautiful curved line.

Please Note: Product is in an additional Hasbro-branded sleeve over the Takara packaging. Package image coming soon.

Product Features

  • Masterpiece scaled
  • Made of plastic
  • From Transformers: Animated
  • Transforms from robot to vehicle
  • Instructions may or may not include English translation

Box Contents

  • Arcee figure
  • 3 Faces
    • Smile
    • Sad
    • Surprised
  • 3 Guns
  • 3 Efffect parts
  • Crusher
  • Holster
  • Character Card
  • Instructions

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