Chicken Fried Toys Convention Exclusives Online Now

The Dallas Fort Worth G.I. Joe & Action Figure Show for 2020 has been cancelled. Chicken Fried Toys has released the two Dime Store Novels exclusive figures in their online store. The two up are Cavalry officer and Texas Ranger. Both are new figures for the line. With shipping issues they can not be combined for shipping.

Cavalry Officer

First as Mounted Rangers, then Dragoons and Mounted Riflemen, the US Army Cavalry was a potent force used for peacekeeping and expansion in the American West. During the mid-century campaigns the officer corps of this mounted force were often college graduates from military academies and schools with long traditions of training men for service. The Cavalry Officers of a company were responsible for day to day management of troops and resources, as well as ordering and executing mission objectives at the Troop level when directives were handed down from senior officers and policy makers.

Retail – $35.00


Texas Ranger

The first Texas Rangers were formed in 1823 where each man had to “provide his own horse, rifle, pistol and 100 rounds” of ammunition. From 1823-1865, the Rangers patrolled the Texas frontier providing protection from Indians and Mexican raiders. After the Civil War, the Rangers were reformed into two distinct battalions; the Frontier Battalion which operated along the western frontier and the Special Force which patrolled the Nueces Strip to stop incurring Mexican bandits. By the 1870s, the Rangers transitioned from Indian fighters to hunting the numerous outlaws within Texas. This tradition continues today as the Texas Rangers are one of the premier law enforcement organizations in the world.

Retail – $35.00


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