Walmart wants you to buy SCOOB! Merch (if its mess of a website manages to work)


SCOOB! is coming out digitally Friday May 15th because going to movie theaters is a terrible idea right now. So, when I received an email from Walmart encouraging me to celebrate SCOOB!’s launch via merch, I thought “What a splendid idea for a Toy Wizards article! I sure hope Walmart has managed to keep a clean, organized website in order for fan to select new SCOOB! toys versus OG Scooby Doo items!”


Screenshot 2020-05-13 06.44.18
Zoinks! Is this bonkers or what, Scoob?

The website is completely in shambles, a mix of new merchandise, old merchandise, Walmart Exclusives for the movie, 3rd party sellers with discontinued collectibles, party supplies, clothes, Funko toys, plush toys, playsets, and action figures. For the sake of simplicity, I will try to categorize them and provide links to the relevant generalized pages instead of the typical Toy Wizards “This item is awesome, here is the link” format that I would love to give you right now.


Click here to see Walmart’s SCOOB! Exclusives

(Although I don’t think all of these items were created new for the movie)



Click here to see Walmart’s SCOOB! Toys

Just toys. That’s all you need to know. Click and drop money to Walmart now, please n’ thank you.



Plush and Stuffed Animals are a category at Walmart, so you can click here to see the selection today…exclusives are mixed into this page as well.



Walmart has given SCOOB/Scooby-Doo action figures their own page, and this is where the fun really starts! See toys ranging from $20-$90 told from all kinds of 3rd parties!



Enjoy 2 POP! figures from SCOOB! in Walmart’s inventory and then please, please purchase this overstock of Scooby-Doo characters that they’ve had in their inventory for at least 5 years, please, they need these things to move since conventions and toy shows aren’t a thing right now.


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