Hasbro Presents a My Little Pony X Dungeons & Dragons Crossover Set

From the UK comes news of a new crossover we never expected from Hasbro– Dungeons & Dragons and My Little Pony. The set is named Cutie Marks and Dragons. No word where this set will be available at or costs yet.

The Dungeons & Dragons set comes with 5 molded mane ponies each with fabric clothing and several accessories. A D20 dice and Dungeon Master Screen are also included. The design of the ponies themselves are based on those from G1. Overall, I think this set is absolutely gorgeous! The amount of detail that went into it is really amazing and I’m very curious about the other upcoming sets. The classes featured are: Wizard, Druid, Barbarian, Rogue and a Bard

UK Toy Seller named In Demand Toys provided the photos and details of the set from www.mlpmerch.com



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