Diamond Select Toys Announces Westworld Wave 2 and Walgreens Exclusive Maeve Action Figures

Westworld, one of my favorite shows that I dropped off of and am now catching up with during quarantine, is back for a second wave of action figures from Diamond Select Toys. We had extensively discussed Wave One, which included Robert Ford, Delores, and William “The Man in Black”. The only violent ends to these violent delights will be you losing money when you decide that these are figures that you want to have in your collection. There are a few new addition to Diamond’s Westworld line, so let’s get peeking.

Right now for $49.99, you can purchase the entire Wave Two of the Westworld action figures. This wave includes Bernard/Arnold, Clementine, and Teddy. They are each 7 inches tall and come packaged on a fully colored blister card. Each one also comes with accessories suiting to the character. (Specifics on the accessories were not listed on BBTS). These figures are due to ship this month, and personally, I’m very impressed by the way the (plastic) fabric is falling on Clementine’s dress. Not an easy feat and I think it looks great.


Also available as a separate PX Preview Exclusive, Diamond Select is giving its Man in Black figure a repaint and giving fans a Battle Damaged version. It costs $19.99, will ship this month, and is available for preorder today. In addition to the new paint, the 7 inch figure is touted to include new sculpted parts.


Also “on its way to a Walgreens near you” (I am not confident we’ll actually see it there) is a Shogun World Maeve figure from Westworld season 2. This is actually exactly where I am in the series now and just watched the first Shogun World episode last night. This 7 inch figure will be in the $20 range, a bit up or down depending on your area, and will likely just include the sword.

Now, on a personal level, I think that Diamond Select’s consumer grade action figures are pretty good. In typical fashion for many toy companies, the non-human characters (such as the Avatar: The Last Airbender or those from The Nightmare Before Christmas) look better than human characters. But for their price point, level of articulation (also very good) and size ($20 up or down and 7-8 inches) you’re definitely getting your money’s worth.


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