Hiya Toys Announces New Predator, RoboCop, Alien, and AVP Action Figures

Hiya Toys is showing off four amazing creations, all available for preorder today. I am patiently awaiting Summer 2020 in order to get my hands on some of those RoboCop toys that were announced last year. I’ve seen the Hiya Toys Predator figures in person at conventions and they are amazing. They stand at the 1:18 scale, so 4-4.5 inches, and are so articulated, carefully detailed, and painted with such incredible care that it’s really hard not to be awe-struck when admiring these pieces. As always, Hiya continues to keep its action figures in the $20 range. This next wave of items will ship January-March 2021, and are available for preorder today by clicking the links below their names.

And seriously–translucent Predator is making me lose my mind.

By: Hiya Toys
$19 99
Hiya Toys has gone back to where it all began with the 1/18 scale Big Chap Xenomorph, from the classic 1979 Alien film. Featuring a high level of articulation with movie accurate details, help Big Chap stalk the halls and pick off the crew of the Nostromo.
By: Hiya Toys
$19 99
Hiya Toys presents a 1/18 scale Scar Predator figure based on the action-packed Alien vs. Predator movie! From an alien planet come to hunt some Xenomorphs, the Scar Predator is well equipped to cause some serious damage to any who fall prey.
By: Hiya Toys
$19 99
Hiya Toys presents a 1/18 scale invisible Falconer Predator based on the action-packed Predators movie! From the Game Preserve Planet, this Super Predator uses a falcon-like device to track prey from above! This figure captures the creature’s cloaked look with a fully poseable body!
By: Hiya Toys
$19 99
From the 2014 RoboCop remake, Hiya Toys presents this 1/18 scale battle damaged action figure of RoboCop himself! Standing 4.50 inches tall, RoboCop features an accurate recreation of the damaged armor from the film and includes interchangeable hands to hold weapons.


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