Bid Toys Presents Ultra Mario MA-NULTRA vs KOOPALA Godzilla Bowser

Check it out, everyone.

It’s Mario. It’s Ultraman. It’s Bowser/King Koopa. It’s Godzilla.

It’s perfect.

This is the real battle of the century. I keep sliding my ATM card through my keyboard, hoping this toy will materialize in front of me and for some reason it’s just not working. This is a very interesting homage of love for a Designer Art project. It is definitely not licensed (that’d be what, 3 parent companies here?) and doubt very many will be made. Looking at bid Toys’ other stuff made they would be resin and around $40.00 each. We should probably hear a release date and prices soon and they will set out just as quick. The idea crossover mix looks very nice and the sculpts are good. Ultraman Mario is the hero we need in these difficult times. Koopala aka Bowser Godzilla is the final perfect form of destruction.

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