Glyos Alert Battle Tribes Wave 21 Drop!

Battle Tribes Action Figures are part of the well know independent toy line Glyos. This lets you hot swap parts with a plug system over any other Glyos line parts. That gives you a lot of diverse and incredible play and design opportunities. On top of all that, they are some great figures.

This Wave 21 figures have some all new parts including a new jacket that holds weapons on the back of figures. Notable figure look a likes are Karate Commander aka not Chuck Norris Karate Kommandos and on the Dark Ninja a very stealthy Not GIJoe aka Snake Eyes. Their Tron like wave sold out in like minutes so be ready for the Drop.

Battle Tribes Wave 21 drops April 22nd at 6pm Pacific time

BT Black Ninja Builder


BT Dark Ninja

BT Shin Urai

BT Karate Commander

Battle Tribes Wave 21 All In Bundle

This bundle includes all 4 figures in Battle Tribes Wave 21:

1. Shin Urai
2. Karate Commander
3. Dark Ninja
4. Black Ninja Builder

Each 3″ Battle Tribes Action Figure is injection molded in durable PVC plastic and is fully interchangeable with all Glyos System action figures.

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