Lanard Takes the Highway to the Danger Zone and Lands Big With Top Gun

Lanard toys has been known for years as the KO Joe toy company. However ,with Hasbro not making Joes for so long (like literally until last week), Lanard has really stepped in with licenses as of late and done a not bad job at them. Starting off with King Kong, Rampage, Jumanji, and Aliens. They have brought some great stuff at incredibly affordable prices. Top Gun is their next licensed toy line and they are on the shelf now. You get two small planes and two pilots. This is priced very cheaply at $19.87.

Now, the jets are more like scout craft or mini jets it is still nice and affordable. I don’t know if we will even see any other toy merchandise from Top Gun, so get it while you can. I have only seen these at select Walmart, which are of course, unavailable or have incorrect listings online (as per the usual for Walmart). It is good to have some new Lanard toys on the shelf– they really have won me over with there superb approaches at the license toy market.

Retail price is $19.87

Walmart # 576279734 to order direct site to store

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