Evangelion x Tamagotchi Brings Us the Collaboration We Were Not Prepared For!


Neon Genesis Evangelion has been the benchmark for Anime and that includes strange product tie-ins. This has to be, hands down, the best I have ever seen. You have three different Evatochi to choose from. If you are like me, that means you need at least two of each so I can open one of each and still keep a set. You can raise your Evatochi to be one of 20 different Angels. I can expect to kill them horribly multiple times before this ever happens, unfortunately. This is the best of both worlds– whoever had this idea I owe you a dinner, buddy. They will be available this June in Japan so expect your normal importers to have preorders soon.

Release Date- June 2020

Retail- 2530 yen





EVA-01 Test Type

EVA-02 Production Model

EVA-00 Proto Type


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