Mondo Provides a First Look at its Masters of the Universe Man At Arms Figure

Mondo has made a name for its limited edition posters and collectibles. They have entered the Toy collector market with a vengeance as well. The Masters of the Universe collection by Mondo is really top of the line superb all around. They have an amazing collection going with impressive 1/6 figures. The announcement of Man At Arms is the sixth figure in the line as they also tease several more.

Figures coming down the line teased at this point are She- Ra , Keldor, Sorcercess , Beastman, Stratos, and Trap Jaw. This line really looks to be hot. Lets look at Man At Arms.

Mondo has found some extra old figures and put them online. The really rare stuff of course didn’t last long and Scare Glow and Designer Con Skeletor already sold out. There is still a couple of gems left.



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