Bandai Presents S.H. Figuarts ’89 Batman

S.H. Figuarts knows where to to hit that sweet spot, that being 1989 Batman related  anything. The Micheal Keaton Batman is the best Batman of all time, and I will continue to challenge you to fight me on that in every article I write. Offer still stands, fists up. Whenever an ’89 Batman comes along, we all line up to get it. Looking at the reports, this will be a online only exclusive so hoping for the new US Premium Bandai site to pull its weight or this will get gone faster than Bats disappearing before Commissioner Gordon’s eyes.

Looking at the pictures, Batman 89 comes with a bunch of hands with the power punch as one. Comes with multiple showing stars, Batarang, Graple Gun, and a Zipline launcher which is useful if you’re not over 108 lbs.


This Batman has the face and cape down. I want to see how well it works in practice over stock images but looks right. The Bat symbol on the chest is correct and proper down to the color difference to the belt. I’ll speak for myself, I personally notice those kind of things.

Release Date – September 2020

Retail –  7,480 yen

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