Toy Wizards Review: QFig Dioramic Statues by Quantum Mechanix (QMX)

Toy Wizards would like to thank Quantum Mechanix for providing us with samples of the QFig LOTR Witch King and ANOES Freddy Krueger for review. You can get your own for $19.99 each directly from QM right here: Witch King or Freddy.


Without any bias (and no, I’m not being paid to say this), but I think Quantum Mechanix really has the absolute best mini diorama statues out there. With many toy brands currently, you’re not quite sure what you’re paying for in the gap between consumer priced collectibles, up to the higher-end collectibles. With QMX, the baseline $20 products are great, and the higher end $100+ pieces only get better. There are other brands (looking at you, Enesco) where that consumer-grade baseline is just awful and there’s no way to get anything nice until you’re willing to spend hundred of dollars.

Quantum Mechanix’s QFig line is great, point blank. And because they typically begin at the $19.99 price tag, collectors can have a variety of their favorite characters adorning their shelves, desks, etc. with these four-inch dioramic figures. QMX was kind enough to send me Witch King from The Lord of the Rings and my husband supreme Freddy Krueger from A Nightmare on Elm Street. 

I thought that the Witch King piece was completely solid in terms of paint and sculpt. I love the palette QMX used and the orange to yellow gradient on the flame sword was perfect. The shapes on the mask was perfect, and the way the character’s coat was flying, making it look like he was in motion is perfectly done. Stylistically, it’s just up to the collector to decide whether they are into super deformed (IE “chibi”) reimaginings. Therefore, that part is subjective. However, the chibi aesthetic is a gimmick QM uses on all of its QFigs, so if you collect their statues, it’s one you’re aware of and enjoy.

With Freddy, I’m naturally a little more critical because I have such a deep connection to the character. I really love the swirling clouds QMX created to get across the idea that Freddy is coming out of a dream, and the sort of scuffed up dirt at the base (where his feet would be) is really cool. While I may be overextending to look for symbolism, the kicked up dirt makes me think of death, burial, chaos, and all the the stuff that Freddy brings with him. As far as the expression on Freddy’s face, it’s a flavor of manic that doesn’t quite work for me as a Freddy collector. I appreciate the cartoony madness and a big old creepy grin, but something isn’t working for me. That said, the paint and burn mark flecks all over his face gets the point across and makes the complex makeup into something streamlined, simple, and recognizable.

And lastly, wrapping up, if nothing else Quantum Mechanix has hooked in a new customer! I cannot wait for the Pennywise the Clown QFig and the Batman with Joker head in the lantern! Both pieces are available for preorder now, and I’m so excited to add them to my collection!

I give the Witch King and Freddy Krueger QFig statues by Quantum Mechanix 4/5 Rings to Rules them All and Nightmare Stars.


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