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Dear Toy Wiazrds readers:

With events and conventions being cancelled or postponed left and right (including our own), it’s really hurting the work that keeps our site owners able to pay their bills. With this downtime, it’s our intention to keep producing amazing, quality content for you to enjoy. Toy Wizards is an incredible passion project, but naturally, it doesn’t pay the bills. If you love what we do on it (daily!) please consider putting a few coins in the tip jar.

Because really, from the bottom of our hearts, we appreciate your readership.

Toy Wizards (that’s!) is a toy news website that creates content daily! Run by Loryn Stone and Scott Zillner, Toy Wizards writes up toy announcements, editorial and opinion pieces, toy reviews, on the scene toy hunting, and reviews.
If you enjoy what we do and want to see more from us, please consider donating to us. Ko-Fi is a single, one time donation (much like a tip jar!) without the pressure of an on-going subscription based donation. It tells us that you love what we do and are happy to give us a little bit of love.

Stay magical,

Toy Wizards Staff


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