Premium Bandai Presents Super Sentai Ryusouja Ryusouken Memorial Edition

Super Sentai Ryusouja just ended in Japan and was just announced as the 2021 Power Rangers Series. Currently, it is still untitled in the US, but fans are speculating that it may be called Dino Knights. Regardless, Bandai announced a memorial edition Ryusouken sword. This will be considerably larger than the current role play version that fans just didn’t embrace– dare we say hated. This will have special light up blade and real tip. This is much much more made for cosplay and display than the kids version we already have. It is a special P-Bandai order item and has a deadline of April 20th. You will need to use a buying service if you want to get a hold of one. Considering this will be the next US Power Rangers Series they will be hot items and considerably more expensive here later.


Product Description
“Ryusouken -MEMORIAL EDITION-” is coming out from “Kishiryu Sentai Ryusouja”, which celebrated its final round on Sunday, March 1, 2020, to commemorate the completion of the series.

This product has renewed the size and recorded audio from “DX Ryu Souken”.
The product size has been renewed from about 380mm in length to about 700mm in length for the DX version. The new shape of the blades and grips make the size and balance closer to the image in the play.
In the DX version, the decorations, such as the blade and dinosaur’s face, which had been molded in color, were changed to paint, making them look more similar to the play.

The audio specifications have a recording volume that greatly exceeds the DX version. Includes dialogues in the plays of “Yuwa Ohara” and “Bamba” (Tatsuya Kishida).
In addition, the sound of the knight dragon that appeared during the work, and as an extra bonus, the sound of the additional warrior Kanaro (actor, Koumi Hyoto) is also included. More than 100 voices of all 20 characters are recorded.

<Examples of recorded lines>
Ko “Let’s fight together, Tiramigo!” “Do you give up ?! The limit is beyond!”
Melt “Take care! Don’t let your guard down!” of people also a large number of people, I want to save both! ”
Asuna ” that clarified face, I’ll place of the Nakimmen! “,” always will come conveniently in good time? it is fellow! ”
Toi“Brother! Show us our cooperation, showtime !!” “I’ll do what I should do, even if people don’t expect or praise.”
Bamba “You’re a Ryusou tribe You have to fight with the cards dealt, just like in a card game. “” Let’s face it right in front of yourself! ”

* 1 The Red Ryu Soul that comes with this product is the” Ryu Soul Series ” “, But operation is not guaranteed when set to” DX Ryu Souken “(or any other product with” Ryu Soul Compatible “display). Please note.
* 2 The operation of Ryusouken -MEMORIAL EDITION- is not guaranteed when “Ryusoul series” other than the included RyuRyusoul is set. Please note.

Set contents
Ryusouken… 1
Red Ryusoul… 1
Instruction manual… 1

Product size
Ryusouken… H about 185mm × W about 700mm × D about 90mm
Red Ryusoul … H about 53mm × W about 73mm × D about 34mm

Product material
Ryu Research Institute … ABS · PC · PVC · PPA
Red Liu Seoul … ABS · PVC · PP

AAA batteries × 3 (sold separately)

Release Date  September 2020

End of Pre order acceptance April 20, 2020 23:00

Retail Price 165,000 Yen

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