Metal Box Presents Metalboy Voltes V Resin Figure Kit

Japanese toy maker Metal Box has revealed a super awesome (if not adorable) Voltes V that is shipping April, 2020. He costs $117 and is available for preorder today. I just adore the way Voltes V looks. (Do you say Voltes Vee or Voltes Five? I’m a Vee girl, myself). Either way, it’s just such a charming looking figure. This little chunky version stands 12 cm tall (4.7 inches), so yes, he is a little on the pricey side. I have a similar looking figure created by custom Jumbo master Tom Hughes that stands about 8-10 inches tall and I adore it to no end.

Custom Voltes V by Tom Hughes

If you need more Voltes V in your life, which I don’t know why you wouldn’t, make sure you get your preorder in!

From HobbyLink Japan:

The mighty Voltes V is now a Metalboy resin kit! It can be freely posed after assembly, and is molded in ivory-colored resin so you can paint it as you like. The Sky Sword is included, and the kit consists of 34 parts. Order this iconic giant robot for your own collection today!



And for even more Voltes V action, you can preorder Art Storm’s Mini Action figure reissue (coming in July) for $34 today! Height is not specified.


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