Super7 Shows Off New Items at Toy Fair 2020 (Gallery)

Toy Fair 2020 is still in full swing rocking out mode, and now we finally get to see some of what Super7 is showing off at the event. Not only have they revealed new ReAction figures from horror movies and of baseball and metal mascots, but it’s a great chance for fans to see their amazing Ultimate Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles collection. That Bebop is just so damn good.

In addition to the Shogun Warriors inspired Jumbo Transformers Optimus Prime figurethat was revealed a few days ago, Super7 has another awesome piece they unveiled – six inch Transformers ReAction figures! You can see it in the cover image above, and it will be included in the gallery below.

Two other exciting reveals are the Peanuts Wave 2 (with the new Charlie Brown figure below) and another surprise– Nightmare Before Christmas! I’ve written before how you can currently buy the old Nightmare Before Christmas Funko ReAction Figures for about $6 a piece (yes, Funko made ReAction figures at one point in history – warning some items in that article might be sold out, it’s old), but now gauging by the unpainted prototypes below, we can see that new ones will be available from Super7 themselves.

Toy Wiazrds will keep our eyes and ears on Super7 for any new Toy Fair reveals or if preorder information goes live!



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