TOY FAIR 2020: Entertainment Earth Gives Collectors a KISS, Holds Us En-raptor-ed with New Dinos

By Jonathan Alexandratos

Entertainment Earth has been a retailer and wholesaler of collectibles since 1996, so they’ve gotten really good at getting the hottest stuff.  At Toy Fair, they showcased many of their exclusive items that had this toy nerd drooling.


I was into their KISS line since Wave 1, when the cards had that cool fold-out feature that let you build a diorama.  Wave 4, which was only presented in mock-up, previewed The Starchild in his construction helmet, a likeness seen here for the first time.


These are some samples from Wave 3, in which The Demon gets guitar flames.  I asked if I could “lick it up,” but they told me that, if I did, I’d be asked to leave.  So, appreciation from afar it is!


An Entertainment Earth representative told me this Bat-Raptor is soon-to-be up for sale on their site.  It fits the recent McFarlane DC figures.

I expect to get some better shots of the Transformers: Earthrise series tomorrow at the Hasbro showroom, but I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to nab some pictures of Optimus and Grapple.  Every year I tell myself I won’t buy another Optimus Prime.  It seems 2020 will be yet another year where I break that promise.


On to the Entertainment Earth exclusive FunkoPOP!s!  This Harley Quinn, in her roller derby attire, comes with trading cards.  Entertainment Earth is the only company that offers collectible cards with their exclusive FunkoPOP!s, per the EE rep who showed me around their booth.


This Deku figure is said to be Entertainment Earth’s best-selling product ever.  I don’t know if the character Deku accomplished his goal when he said, “I need to get many times stronger than everyone else!,” but his figure certainly did beat out the rest in terms of popularity.


Entertainment Earth is also offering Captain Universe/Spider-Man as an exclusive FunkoPOP! Bobble Head.  I’m less a fan of the bobble heads, but the energy bursts around the wrists are a nice touch, and may just make this one a must.


You might remember our article about the Jurassic Park Amber Collection Velociraptor that looks like it’s peeing?  Well, now, you can have a Jurassic WORLD Velociraptor that looks like it’s peeing.  The iconic Blue meets Owen Grady in the Amber Collection for lots of dinosaur-whispering action.  These figures are online exclusives, meaning they won’t be in stores, but will appear for sale on multiple sites including Entertainment Earth.

It’s Darth Barbie, y’all!  Darth Barbie is happening.  At first, I thought it was Lady Gaga, but no, it’s better!  (Or at least…different!)


At the Entertainment Earth booth, I ran into my old friend Julie Kerwin, who founded the IAmElementals line of action figures.  I own them all, and love them dearly.  Started on Kickstarter, these figures promote original, positive heroines as role models for all kids.  I’ve raved about Julie a lot, and I’m glad to keep doing so.  All of her figures are available on Entertainment Earth.


If it’s a recent-release toy, and you need it, Entertainment Earth probably has it.  Keep an eye on their site for anything here that may have caught your eye!

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