Super7 Reveals Transformers Super Shogun – Optimus Prime

Super7 is stoked to announce the addition of Optimus Prime to the Super Shogun world! The original Super7 Shogun made its debut in 2010 with the Super Shogun Stormtrooper. The same design and craftsmanship that made that release legendary is now being applied to the Super Shogun Optimus Prime pre-order!

Jumbo Machinders have been around forever. For me, it was that magical Christmas 1980 where I received the Shogun Warriors Great Mazinger and my life has never been the same. This was the factor that led me down a spiral of robots and Jumbos, as they are called. Super7 led the reemergence for a new wave of  modern Super Shoguns Jumbos with Boba Fett and Stormtrooper. That gave us all a taste of the greatness. Mandarake in Japan has been producing some Jumbos since as well. This Optimus Prime gives us what we didn’t know we wanted or had to have, but now that cat is out of the bag and we will never be the same. Mostly, our wallets crying in despair as it is split open and emptied. If Optimus Prime is the first on this new wave of Jumbos what will we get next? I have  now made a list of about 12 or so I will need, which will lead to me needing more shelf space, I think.

Get out there and get this!

Super Shogun Optimus features:

  • The design is inspired by the 1970’s Shogun Warriors toy line.
  • Stands 24-inches tall.
  • Super Shogun Optimus Prime has G1-era accurate paint job and detailing.
  • Three points of articulation.
  • Features wheels on feet for rolling combat action.
  • Armed with a spring-loaded, “rocket firing” left fist.
  • Removable Ion Blaster.
  • Chest opens to reveal removable Matrix of Leadership.
  • Will include sticker sheet for customizable display.


U.S. Domestic orders will receive free shipping for this release. The pre-order window for Super Shogun Optimus Prime will close on Tuesday, March 31st, 2020.

It costs $350 and can be preordered from Super7 today.

The Super Shogun Optimus Prime is a made-to-order release and Super7 expects to ship these figures in Winter 2020. This release will ship separately from other pre-order releases.

Behold my current Jumbo collection.


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