McFarlane Toys Unleashes RC Shark Toy into The Wild

No more chomping at the bit to get the all-new Monzoo Shark Shark! McFarlane Toys has released its very first remote control shark in-stores today!

Seriously though, I would have freaked out so hard for this thing as a kid. SHARK WEEK IS EVERY WEEK, m07|-|3R f!#$#$!

Speed through the waters with Shark Shark’s variable speed control. Simply push the Auto Button and the shark swims in two designated “R-Sea Motion” patterns. While in Auto Mode, learn how to make the movements by following the light-up pattern on the joysticks. Shark Shark has action-packed movement through the use of life-like dorsal and tail fins.

Master the controls and watch this shark come to life! Find Shark Shark in Walmart and Bass Pro Shops! MSRP: $29.99


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