Bandai Shows Off Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue Megazord Mini-Pla Model Kit

Landing in number 4 for “Most Requested Super Sentai Mini-Pla Mashin” in Japan (Summer 2019 data), the Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue (Kyuukyuu Sentai GoGoFive / Emergency Squadron GoGoFive) Megazord Mini-Pla Model Kit is on its way! Preorders in Japan will be on February 17th, 2020, which means that hopefully Bluefin Brands will be able to distribute this beauty to us (and Barnes and Noble stores) ASAP!

There isn’t much official information here, so we will go off what we know. Mini-Pla figures range from about 6-7 inches, so we can expect this Lightspeed Rescue Megazord to be around that size. I want to say that I purchased by Astro Megazord for about $40 (same as my Dragon Zord Mini-Pla) so we can likely expect that same price range. From the images (see below) we see that each of the five vehicles are separately built and combine together, and that the paint and articulation are great. I’m always a little reluctant to pose and re-pose a model kit, personally. I find a stance I like and then just put it in the case and drool lovingly.


Source: Bandai Candy

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