Hasbro Reveals Power Rangers Lightning Collection ‘Wedding of Lord Zedd and Rita’ GameStop Exclusive Two Pack

Hasbro adds Rita Repulsa to the Power Rangers Lightning Collection line, and they’ve brilliantly packaged her with Lord Zedd to celebrate their wedding. Being that this Rita is inspired by “The Wedding” episode, her face sculpt favors Carla Perez as opposed to Machiko Soga, which I personally think is a shame (with no disrespect to Ms. Perez, she’s lovely). I just adore Ms. Soga and her original depiction of Rita/Bandora so much that even in real time when the “beautification potion” was administered in the 90s, it was hard for me to say goodbye to Machiko’s Rita.


We have a few interesting things happening with this Rita Repulsa figure. I have to say that I adore the wand, and the sculpt on her hair, headpiece, and neck piece are all very good. I think the scowl is great, regardless of which actress they used. I’m curious as to what other fans think of the cloth dress – I want to say that I think this is the first time cloth has been used in the Lightning collection.

I’m sure fans who own the Lightning Collection Zedd will want this Rita to be packaged separately. After all, a woman of such evil is not defined by the man she manipulated into marrying her. However, even if Rita is repackaged at some point by herself, these wedding accessories will likely not be included. I keep saying it though – Zedd and Rita very clearly had a Jewish wedding. As a Jewish girl, I’m disappointed by this erasure and wish there was a Chuppah, Kippa/Yarmulke, a glass to smash, and maybe some thrones for when it’s time to lift the newly wed couple into the air.

The Zedd and Rita two pack is a GameStop Exclusive. It costs $59.99, can be preordered today, and will ship August 2020.



The horror of your presence is absolutely required! The wedding of Lord Zedd, Master of Evil, to Rita Repulsa was the event of 1995, featuring Putties dancing, an inconsolable Goldar (seriously, why was he so sad?), and the merging of the two most evil villains the Power Rangers had faced! IT’S MORPHIN TIME! From the Beast Morphers back to the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, the Power Rangers have brought teamwork, action, and adventure to generations of fans. The legacy continues with figures, vehicles, collectibles, and roleplay toys from Hasbro, celebrating ranger teams from Mighty Morphin to the Beast Morphers. Imagine all the action of Power Rangers with toys from Hasbro! (Power Rangers toys sold separately. Subject to availability.)


  • 6-INCH SCALE COLLECTIBLE ACTION FIGURES: These Power Rangers Lightning Collection action figures have premium painted details and design inspired by the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers series
  • INSPIRED BY THE MOST VILE WEDDING IN POWER RANGERS HISTORY: To unite their evil families and celebrate their… love?… Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa tie the knot in a monstrous ceremony attended by only the worst guests possible: their minions
  • SILVER ANNIVERSARY DECO: Celebrating 25 years of the best worst couple in Power Rangers, the figures in this 2-pack feature special silver-themed deco on Rita’s dress and Lord Zedd’s chest plate
  • CELEBRATE THE CLASSIC POWER RANGERS EPISODE: This 2-pack of action figure toys includes multiple accessories inspired by Rita, Zedd, and the iconic scenes from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers season 2, “The Wedding”


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