Helmets is Releasing a 1/12 Scale Space Invaders Arcade Video Game Machine Table Cabinet

Alas no– this miniature machine does not actually play Space Invaders. But toy photographers, get ready, because your action figures will look incredible sitting at this table!

The Space Invaders Arcade Video Game Machine Table Cabinet costs $35, will ship March 2020, and is available for preorder today. (And on sale, in fact – this piece was nearly $45 recently!)

According to the description, this is a 1/12 scale piece. So, does that mean it is well equipped to have other 1/12 figures posed on it? In my head, this means 6 inch figures would look best on it. Which again, means to me that this miniature Space Invaders arcade machine is actually fairly sizable! I would have loved some demensions, but this is still a fun piece to gawk over. Again, this is a model and not a working miniature machine ala New Wave Toys or any other miniature replicas/replicades.


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