Jada Toys Reveals Power Rangers Nano Metalfigs

Available for preorder on Amazon for $24.99 (shipping February 17th, 2020) is a huge set of Power Rangers diecast Nano Minifigures from Jada Toys. There are about 20 figures in this set, and seriously, between the Lord Zedd, Goldar, and Lord Drakkon, they have my money for uniqueness. Yes, I really did preorder this set before writing this article.


Here’s the thing with Jada Toys – they’re very affordable. Fans of the Hollywood Rides series knows that Jada Toys will offer you a diecast replica of a car from a movie (or a character inspired car, such as The Joker) for a price that’s typically in the $10 range. I’ve seen some of their Nano Metalfigures on discount shelves (mostly the DC toy line) and I think fans aren’t sure what to do with these tiny 1.65 inch pieces. I mean, you could use them as board game pieces. Display them on your desk at work. The sky is the limit. I’ve met and spoken with the folks at Jada Toys before and I really think their quality is great for the price. It’s a humble company with really nice people working for it. And truthfully, I didn’t even know they had the Power Rangers license.

After doing some research, I found that Jada Toys had released some 4 inch diecast Power Rangers figures with big, bobbly looking heads. Just much not my style or something I would collect.


But when there’s robots, villains, and monsters involved, I’m on board! Let’s see what Jada has to offer with that huge multipack (with each figure costing just over a dollar) when it ships in February!

Amazon Description:

  • 100% Diecast metal
  • Stands at about 1.65-Inches and weighs about 30G.
  • Premium metallic paints.
  • Authentic styling and posing.
  • Includes: Red Ranger (Mighty Morphin), Black ranger (Might Morphin), Blue Ranger (Might Morphin), Pink Ranger (Might Morphin), Yellow Ranger (Mighty Morphin), Green Ranger (Might Morphin), White Ranger (Might Morphin), Lord Drakkon (Might Morphin), Green Ranger (Zeo), Gold Ranger (Zeo), Triassic Ranger (Dino Thunder), Koragg (Mystic Force), Wolf Warrior (Mystic Force), Ninjor (Might Morphin), Psycho Red (In Space), Phantom Ranger (Turbo), Rita (Mighty Morphin), Goldar (Mighty Morphin), Lord Zedd (Mighty Morphin), Scorpinar (Mighty Morphin)


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