Super7 ReAction Toxic Crusaders Land This Week

Super7 has even more Toxic Crusader action figures coming out. These are based on the 90s Cartoon classic. Brand new sculpts in the ReAction 3.3/4 scale style. Every year we get more and more coolness to add to our collections. I love the endless new collections coming out from Super7.

Each figure will retail at $18.00 each

“It’s clean-up time!” Straight outta New Jersey comes Wave 1 of the new Toxic Crusader 3.75-inch ReAction Figures: Toxie! Headbanger! Junkyard! Dr. Killemoff! Major Disaster! Radiation Ranger! All come with a variety of accessories on vision-searing bright and toxic cardbacks that pull you into Toxie’s animated world! All 6 figures arrive THIS WEDNESDAY (1/29) in the Super7 webstore.


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