Amazing 3D Printed MP Scaled G1 Metroplex

We live in an age of incredible ingenuity and engineering when it comes to our modern toy collections, but what happens when you still want that prized centerpiece that you just know is an impossibility from a manufacturer’s standpoint? You make it yourself!


Crafty collector 金刚玩童 [ King Kong Playboy] has been working on a true masterpiece for his official Transformers Masterpiece series toy collection. He recently posted photos of his complete, assembled, and painted custom G1 Autobot Battle Station Metroplex. This enormous labor of love included over a year of planning and months of trail and error production as the single manned project developed this 4 1/2 foot tall robot.


There’s something special and important about this achievement. A huge fan, like many of us, with nostalgia in their heart and the skills at their fingertips didn’t settle for an official release from Hasbro or Takara Tomy in their Generations line which is wildly out of scale and not in the hyper cartoon accurate aesthetic of the Masterpiece line. He didn’t grumble and complain that a titan of this size was not coming from a third party. He didn’t spread any vitriol or hate. Only positivity and inspiration.

The tools have never been so accessible to bring your childhood dreams to fruition. Here’s the proof. People wonder why many fans stray away from official releases, especially in the world of Transformers, and while I do still buy an occasional Hasbro release at retail, the majority of the purchases I make are from third party companies that I often feature on Toy Wizards because they represent the demographic of collector that speaks to me the most. Collectors so passionate about an era of the property they love that they’ve taken it into their own hands to create the best product they can.

Now, back to daydreaming about how cool my little legends scaled collection would look climbing all over that giant Metroplex…

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