Toy Wizards Review: KISS’s ‘The Spaceman’ from Mego

“KISS! That’s the name. KISS! They may look insane. KISS! If rock’s your game, it’s KISS!”

I wasn’t alive when the original 12.5″ KISS dolls from Mego were unleashed into the toy landscape of the late 70’s ready to rock and roll all night and send parents to the toy store everyday, hoping to find a Peter, Paul, Gene or Ace for those members of the KISS Army waiting at home.

Seeing that commercial on the home video of KISS Xtreme Close-Up in the 90’s I pined to have each member of the Hottest Band in the World as part of my toy collection, but figured my chances were slim. The toy collector in me these days knows I’ll come across them someday, somewhere, come hell or high water.

But, when Mego announced a new line of 8″ action figures aka dolls aka you wanted the best, you got the best, namely the Starchild and the Demon last year, us Creatures of the Night had to think a Catman and a Spaceman couldn’t be far behind. When I was browsing through a local comic shop on my birthday recently and saw The Spaceman displayed on their shelf, well, I knew I’ve got to have you, I’ve got to have you.


The latest in Mego’s upcoming line of figures, much like those original 12.5″ dolls from the seventies, these 8″ figures are modeled after the group in the midst of their Love Gun tour with Ace decked out in his silver wrap around intergalactic Spaceman suit along with his signature Les Paul.

The collector in me doesn’t keep too many of my figures in their boxes, but something about this Space Ace compels me to keep him in his packaging. Which may be a good thing, one reason being to retain whatever value he may have one day in the future, and the other reason being the silver wrap around, doesn’t, well, wrap around. Photos I’ve seen online show a plain black back on the doll, which from what I understand is in line with the original doll from 1977, but it’s still a bummer, for me at least. The packaging however is as bright and vibrant and evokes the same level of fun and excitement as the figure itself, beckoning us Rock Soldiers to jump on a Rocket Ride for a Mission to Mars all our own.

The likeness isn’t a perfect representation of Ace Frehley, but it’s still a sight better than how Tommy Thayer looks on stage every night, and the hair isn’t the stylized, almost Barbie levels of hair of the seventies line, for better or for worse, depending on your taste. With 14 points of articulation, if you do take your Spaceman out of the box you can bend and contort him into any rock pose you can think of while listening to Ace crank out one face melting solo after another.


As of this writing, The Spaceman and the Catman (who was at my comic store as well, and I’ll be returning for soon) are not listed on BBTS with The Starchild; who is available to order for $14.99 (I paid $21.99 for The Spaceman, because Canada), while you wait for Ace and Peter. However, seeing as I got my Spaceman on January 9, and the store owner told me she had just received them the day before, members of the KISS Army, Mego fans and toy collectors in general, should be able to get their hands on a Spaceman of their own soon enough, and it’s worth the price because as a wise man once said, “it ain’t a crime to be good to yourself”.


Product Features

  • 8 inches (20.32cm)
  • Made of plastic
  • Real fabric clothing
  • 14 Points of articulation
  • Classic Mego figure style

Box Contents

  • Ace Frehley figure
  • Guitar


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